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President of Iran Tennis Federation in Arsha Club

4 years ago
On Tuesday, July 28, Davood Azizi and Farzin Zia Azari, President and General Secretary of Iran Tennis Federation visited Arsha Club.

Azizi and Zia Azari visited different parts of the Arsha Club and met with the managers of the sports complex. During this meeting, subjects such as facilities and services provided to tennis enthusiasts and players in Arsha Club, the role of sports complexes such as Arsha Club in promoting tennis in Iran, and the impact of this sports complex on the local economy were discussed.

Last year, Arsha Club cooperation with Tehran Tennis Association and Iran Tennis Federation led to the first Grand Tournament hosted by the complex. This round of competitions was held while was highly regarded by the country's top tennis players and was covered live on the national sports network.

Arsha Club always tries to have a close relationship with the institutions in charge of tennis and, above all, the national tennis federation, so that it can play its role in the development of this sport in the country, in the best possible way.