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Cafe & Restaurant

Arsha Club has the first fully organic open-menu restaurant in Iran and its members can use the restaurant’s services at any time they wish. All the ingredients which are being used in preparing foods and beverages of this restaurant come from a private farm owned by Arsha Club.

This restaurant is equipped with various kinds of cooking facilities - from traditional and local to the most modern ones - in order to consider the diverse taste of its members and satisfy their expectations. Even the drinking and cooking water of this restaurant is provided by a private water treatment plant to ensure the health and quality of the water.

Also, Arsha Club has one of the best chefs in the middle-east who tries to create a unique and personal experience for each member through the peculiar taste of food.

In addition to an open-menu restaurant, Arsha Club has a café with an eye-catching view of the outdoor courts and the jogging path. The café of Arsha Club is located on its roof and is a wonderful place to socialize.