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Spa & Aqua Therapy

Massages and aquatic exercises are fantastic ways to increase physical strength, reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, ease aches, improve balance, and promote spiritual well-being. Arsha Club Spa and Aqua Therapy Center is all you need to start an energetic day or get rid of all the tension or fatigue of a busy day. This relaxing center consists of different facilities including dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, aquatic pool, cold steam, and services like massages and traditional baths.

Aquatic Pool

Arsha Club has an Aquatic Pool with a constant depth of 1.5 meters to make walking in the pool easier. The water temperature of this pool is about 28 °C, which is a bit higher than common pools in order to provide a better environment for relieving tension, healing and relaxing muscles. This pool is equipped with adjustable water jets that target the back and legs and deliver a therapeutic massage, which improves circulation, relieves joint pressure and muscle pain, and reduces tension and fatigue.

Dry and Steam Sauna

A Dry sauna with 70 °C temperature and two steam saunas with a temperature of 42 °C has been embedded in the Spa and Aqua Therapy center of Arsha Club. A sauna can help people to unwind and relax, it also can improve cardiovascular health and cleans skin pores.


There is a 3-person jacuzzi in Arsha Club Spa and Aqua Therapy Center with water jets, which target different parts of the body and works as a relaxing massage.

Cold Steam

The cold steam is one of the most modern relaxing facilities in the world. In this room, the steam water with 1 °C temperature is sprayed out, which relieves muscle fatigue and improves soreness. Using cold steam helps recovery after intense physical activity.

Traditional Bath

In Arsha Club Traditional Bath, you would have a distinguished experience of traditional Iranian bath. This bathroom is designed similar to the old models, featuring all the parts including stone bench and traditional loofah. This bathroom brings out a sense of nostalgia and it’s a reminder of the merriment and tranquility of the past.