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Tennis Court

Tennis Hard Court and its Characteristics

There are four kinds of tennis courts based on their surface material: Grass Court, Clay Court, Hard Court, and Carpet Court. Each type of tennis court has its own characteristics that offer different benefits and challenges to different playing styles. Among different kinds of tennis courts, Hard Court offers a faster game due to the relatively higher speed and bounce of the ball. In addition, the game is easier to control on Hard Courts because of the reduced number of irregularities in the flight and path of the ball, which produce bounces that are quite predictable.

Hard Courts vary in the speed they offer depending on the materials used in their surface. Arsha Club Hard Courts are medium-slow. Hard Courts are the most common court surface in the professional tennis tournaments. Two Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open, and the Australian Open use hard courts.

Arsha Club has seven Hard Courts including two indoor courts, four outdoor courts, and a VIP Center Court.

Center Court; A Private Stadium

Center Court of Arsha Club is a private hard court, designed in a way so that tennis players could enjoy playing tennis in a calm and professional environment. This Center Court has a buffet that provides players a place to rest, have a snack or beverage.

Outdoor Courts; The Refreshing Sense of Tennis

Arsha Club has two outdoor courts, which sit 10 meters below ground level in order to eliminate the effect of wind disturbance on the ball movement and the game. Moreover, the architecture and structure of these courts reduce the shade on the field both through day-time and after sun-set so that players have a vivid view of each others’ movements, the ball, and the court itself.

Indoor Courts; Comfort and Accessibility

The indoor Hard Courts of Arsha Club are located in two stories. They benefit from suitable ventilation and air conditioning which is an important factor for an indoor exercising facility. Lightening of the indoor courts of Arsha Club is so that it prevents shade and glares and provides a clear sight.

Tennis Training; For all Levels

Arsha Club has provided the opportunity of learning tennis from the best coaches in Iran. Those who are interested in tennis at any age and at any level can benefit from the professional training of Arsha Club coaches. Arsha Club Training Room is also available for the theoretical education of players, coaches, and referees.